ASUS RT-N66U vs RT-AC1900P

The ASUS RT-N66U is an older router model with speeds of up to 600Mbps. While it has less advanced features, it can still outperform the newer AC1900P model.

This is because the N66U has more antennas than the AC1900P (4 vs 3) and they are arranged in a more effective way that allows for more efficient data transfer between devices.

The N66U was originally a router that was meant to be used at home, but thanks to its incredible bandwidth, it can now be used for business purposes.

The RT-N66U is one of the oldest router models, and it’s not even that old. That’s probably why it has been quickly surpassed by the newer models such as the ASUS RT-AC1900P.


In what ways do they have things in common?

The RT-AC1900P is actually a more advanced version of the RT-N66U. It has the same 3 antennas, but it also has the newer XFast Ethernet technology. That’s why the RT-AC1900P has better performance than the RT-N66U.

The RT-N66U has been around since 2004 and has surpassed the RT-AC1900P as it was a newer model. The RT-AC1900P has a better feature set and performance than the RT-N66U.

What are the main differences?

In addition to having more antennas, the RT-AC1900P has a larger memory (RAM) space than the RT-N66U. That’s why it can handle more devices, as well as more applications.

The RT-AC1900P has the ability to handle up to 2x4G connections, and that’s not something the RT-N66U can do. The RT-AC1900P is a more advanced model, and that’s why it’s better than the RT-N66U.

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How many ports do they have?

The RT-N66U has more ports than the RT-AC1900P. The RT-AC1900P has 2x USB 3.0 ports, and the RT-N66U has 4X USB 2.0/1.1 ports.

How many antennas do they have?

The RT-AC1900P has 2x antennas as opposed to the RT-N66U’s single antenna.

What is their area range?

The RT-AC1900P has an area range of up to 150ft, while the RT-N66U has an area range of up to 75ft.

Do they have firewall security?

The RT-AC1900P has firewall security, while the RT-N66U does not.

What speed do they offer?

The RT-AC1900P offers Gigabit Ethernet speeds, while the RT-N66U offers 10/100Mb Ethernet speeds.

Which one is easiest to install?

The RT-AC1900P is easier to install than the RT-N66U.

Which one has a good AC Speed?

The RT-N66U has a good AC speed because it has an AC/USB power adapter. It also is faster than the RT-AC1900P at 1.73Gbps.

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What security protocol is used?

The RT-AC1900P has the AES 256-bit and WPA2 standard security protocols. There is no security protocol for the RT-N66U.

Do they have gaming mode features?

The RT-AC1900P has a gaming mode feature that allows gamers to play PC games in high definition using the internet as the medium. It also offers games and content from the LAN party. The RT-N66U does not have a gaming mode feature.

How much is their power consumption?

The RT-AC1900P is more power-efficient than the RT-N66U. It uses a power adapter with a USB port, while the RT-N66U does not have a power adapter.


Do they have a VPN feature?

The RT-AC1900P has a VPN feature, which lets users connect to the internet through a VPN server. The RT-N66U does not have a VPN feature.

How much storage do they have?

The RT-AC1900P has 8GB Internal storage, while the RT-N66U has 2GB Internal storage.

How long is the warranty?

The RT-AC1900P has a 5-year warranty, while the RT-N66U has a 1-year warranty.

ASUS RT-N66U vs RT-AC1900P: Which one is better to buy?

The RT-AC1900P is better to buy because it has a good AC speed, a gaming mode feature, and a 5-year warranty. It is also more power-efficient than the RT-N66U.

The ASUS RT-N66U is a dual-band router that can provide connectivity speeds that are up to 600 Mbps on both bands. This model comes with 4 adjustable antennas that have been designed to deliver a strong wireless signal.

The RT-AC1900P by ASUS is a 3×3 mid-range 802.11ac router with a dual-core processor and a USB 3.0 port for faster data transfers.

The RT-AC1900P also offers a gaming mode that lets gamers enjoy PC games in high definition using the internet as the medium. The RT-N66U comes with a 1-year warranty.

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