Netgear ac1600 vs ac1750

The world is going through a phase of technological transformation. Internet devices are considered as one of the primary parts of today’s life but routers play a far more significant part than any other networking device.

This article will talk about the two arguably best modem cum routers from a prominent manufacturer NetGear.

The new and simple ac1600 and ac1750 have many features in common. We will identify all the features and pick the best router for your network.


Netgear ac1600 (R6250) vs ac1750 (R6400): Detailed Comparison

A two in one function

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Ac1600 and ac1750 contain two different useful functions. They are referred to as the routers that come with an in-built modem.

The router allows you to connect your device to a network while the modem allows you to access the internet with ease.


Both models operate on dual-band technology where the data is transferred over a double pathed system.

The swift 5 GHz connection with a relatively slower and less demanding 2.4 GHz band makes a perfect pair to help adjust networking speed according to the load, signals, speed, and device compatibility.

WiFi range and speed:

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The 802.11ac and 801.11a/b/g/n support available in ac1750 and ac1600 respectively allow the user to enjoy WiFi over a longer range.

The data speed is also the same for both the WiFi devices (1600 Mbps). Furthermore, the dead spots elimination is also convenient with the help of beamforming technology.

LAN ports:

NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router with Dual Band Gigabit for Amazon Echo/Alexa - AC1750 (R6400-100NAS)

Ac1750 comes with 4 LAN ports while ac1600 has 1 LAN port. This does not mean that 1750 has a higher hand over the other model because the single port in 1600 provides an impressive 1600 Mbps (as compared to 450 Mbps in ac1750).

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NetGear ac1600 and ac1750 manage networks using dual-core processors. The 256 MB RAM evens things further up. Considering the processing power, each model is inseparable.

USB ports:

The models contain 2 USB ports each. NetGear ac1600 is more advanced with two 3.0 USB ports. The 3.0 ports enable the router to connect heavy storage devices like hard drives.

NetGear ac 1750, on the other hand, supports slightly lower storage devices. Strong device compatibility is often the feature that most bothers the users.


NetGear ac1750 contains 3 external antennas attached to the body while the ac1600 has only 2 antennas with internal built.

 VPN and firewall:

Both routers support VPN connectivity and firewall protection.

Buttons and LED:

Last but not the least, ac1600 and ac1750 contain the power button, WPS button, and LED indicators to make operations easy for the users.


The router models which we discussed are technical doppelgangers. You can enjoy modem-cum-router and, dual processing, dual-band, and impressive WiFi range in each of the two routers.

NetGear ac1600 is more suitable for you if you connect heavy devices on your network. This router has a far better data transfer speed than the other model.

NetGear ac1750 is more compatible with high-traffic networks. The USB and LAN ports are weaker than ac1600. So we will suggest you use NetGear ac1600.

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